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Placing orders

Placing orders

    Orders can be placed in several ways:
  1. By phone or by e-mail, contacting one of our sales representatives responsible for you county.
  2. By phone or by e-mail, contacting one of our sales representatives whose phone numbers or e-mail addresses you can find by pressing the button ” WE CALL YOU’’ from the main page
  3. By phone, fax or e-mail, using the general data from the paige ” CONTACT’’ OF
  4. By filling out the form on the page ” CONTACT’’ from
  5. Order on the website, logging in with you username and password by pressing ” CUSTOMER LOG IN’’ from the main page
Our goal is to deliver your order within 24 hours from receiving it in the sales department. To take advantage of this delivery term , please place the orders by 3 p.m. weekdays. For the orders received after 3 p.m., the delivery term can be in some cases 48 hours.

Prices and invoicing

Catalogues and brochures from this site do not contain prices. For a commercial offer, please contact our sales representatives responsible for your county, by one of the methods described in the previous chapter.

Customers enrolled in the database of Hydrosystems which have already account on the website, can see the products prices with agreed discount, by pressing the ” CUSTOMER LOGIN’’ button from the main page

Hydrosystems data for invoicing:
HYDROSYSTEMS SRL / CUI: RO 16096380 / NR. INREG REG. COM: J20/138/2004
BANCA: ING Arad / IBAN: RO03INGB0016000053078911
ADRESA: Loc. Petro┼čani / Jud. Hunedoara / România / Str. Livezeni / Nr.100 / cod 332071

Product delivery

The ordered products can be delivered by courier firms approved by our comapany: Urgent- Cargus courier, Fan Courier or Sprint Courier. If you prefer only a certain courier company from those listed, please specify this when you place the order and we will consider it. If you wish to deliver the goods with  another courier company, other than those listed above, we will consider it, but you will pay the transport costs.

The ordered products will be delivered to the requested adress, except the situations when the lenght of packages exceeds 4 m, in which case you will have to pick up the packages from the  courier headquareres from your town.

The transport for orders which value is over 1000 ron is ensured by our company. For orderes which value is under 1000 ron, the transport will be paid by you, with the next advantage , you will benefit for the  preferential pices of Hydrosystems. This rule does not apply to the shops you make from the company web shop

Warranties and returns

Hydrosystems products have warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase by the end user, in accordance with the legislation.

The warranty is proved with the invoice or fiscal receipt, and for the products that are sold together with the guarantee certificate, the proof will be made with the properly certificate completed correctly, together with the fiscal receipt and/or invoice. The loss of the invoice/fiscal receipt entail loss of guarantee.

For products with guarantee certificate, the conditions for grantig the guarantee are mentioned in its contents. For products that are sold without a certificate of guarantee, this will not be granted if : have been damaged by transport,collision, improper use, improper storage,
Defective products will be sent at Hydrosystems warehouse form Petrosani to be repaired. Defective products sent for repair, return or replacement must contain by a report in which the beneficiary explains the damage.

The maximum term, which our company undertakes to verify and repair the defective product, is 15 working days from the time that the product arrives in our warehouse. Product guarantee will be extended by the period in which it had been kept in the warehouse for repair, only one condition, the beneficiary provide the period with a report issued by our company after the repair. If the product can be no longer repaired, will be replaced with a new one, but, the guarantee term will be  equal with the period remained for the replaced product.

If the product is defective in 48 hours from the aquisition, the beneficiary can ask for replace with a new one, if he proofs the past time since aquisition by invoice/fiscal receipt , and if he notifyes the store from where bought the product.
The return of the products is made only with the sales representative responsible for your county and under the agreed conditions by both parties. We reserv our right to refuse the return in the following situations:
  1. You did not communicate to the sales representative from your county your intention to return products.
  2. Returned products have damaged package.
  3. Returned products are defective, stricken or have traces of wear.
  4. Returned products have been damaged during the transport. Ensuring the integrity of the returned products during the transport returns to customer.
  5. Returned products are not accompanied by a consignment.
  6. Returned products are not those recorded in the consignment  or are not approved by the sales representative.
  7. The quantity of returned products is other than the one noticed in the notice or agreed with the sales representative.
For defective products returned for repair or replace, we do not apply point 2,3,5,6,7 from above.
Return conditions described on this website, do noy apply also in case of products purchased on the web shop
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