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Pipes and fittings for water transportation systems.

Hydrosystems sells a wide range of specific products for sewage and drinking water transportation systems, with all technical certificates for Romania, which can be successfully used in construction, water supply networks and in household drinking water systems.

Offered products are marked with Hydrosystems quality, through already consecrated brands as Hydro-S or Jason, products that offer a guarantee of quality and safety in use, provided by carried out tests by specialized laboratories, and confirmed by certificates and technical approvals.

Our offer contains:
  • HDPE pipes for water supply;
  • PP compression fittings, in two versions PN16 and PN10;
  • PP connecting clamps;
  • Galvanized and black fittings from cast iron;
  • Brass fittings for water supply;
  • Brass ball valves and armatures;
  • Fixing accessories.

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Articles for gardening and irrigation systems

Agriculture is an important part of the Romanian economy. It has been, and it will be for many years to come. That is why Hydrosystems, over the years, developed a broad and deep assortment in irrigation, pumps, couplings and hoses. Our aim: helping you to increase your production. Hydro-Flat, Megaflex, Hydro-Fit, Hunter, Aqua-Traxx or Hydro-Tec are just some of the well-known brands on the agricultural and gardening market.

    Our offer contains:

  • Garden hoses;
  • Brass and plastic couplers and accessories for hose;;
  • Hose clamps;
  • Sprayers;
  • Manual pumps, electrical and motor pumps, ornamental fountains;
  • Complete systems for residential irrigation;
  • Complete systems for drip irrigation;
  • Modular irrigation through impact;
  • LPDE pipes and fittings for irrigation systems;

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Pool equipment and accessories

We offer a large range of products and equipment for swimming pools, builded on the basis of experience and quality oriented selection. The products are offered under the umbrella of an internationally recognized brand, Maitec, which compete with brands already known in the pools builders branch through a proved quality and reliability.

                Our offer contains:

  • Electric pumps, filters, valves or complete systems with accessories;
  • PVC pipes and fittings;
  • Components for recirculation/ filtering  systems such as : nozzles, skimmers, siphons;
  • Pool accessories such as : stainless steel stairs and railings, showers, liner, tilt;
  • Cleaning and maintenance products : hoses, fittings for hose, nets, brushes, suction heads;
  • Heating pumps.

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Fittings, valves and industrial hoses

    Maybe the most important branch of the economy, the industry, is now present in Hydrosystems offer, through a large range of dedicated products, like special hoses for food industry, wood industry, automotive industry. Another category well represented are the PVC-U pipes and fittings for sewage plants, well known nationally and internationally.

    Our offer contains:

  • PVC-U pipes and fittings;
  • PVC-U valves and armatures;
  • Cast iron industrial valves, hydrants, sewer caps;
  • Technical hoses from PVC, PU or rubber with a large range of uses in wood industry, food industry, construction or chemical industry.

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Energie solară

Hydrosystems oferă o serie de produse și sisteme complete pentru producerea de energie și căldură din surse regenerabile. Toate produsele sunt importate din Austria și fac parte din categoria premium.

    Oferta noastră cuprinde:

  • Sisteme solare pentru apă caldă;
  • Sisteme solare pentru încălzire;
  • Sisteme solare fotovoltaice;
  • Componente pentru sistemele solare.

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